Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hey Good Lookin', What You Got Cookin'?

The right accessories--dress up heels and an apron.

I like to cook...I love to bake. My girls are wanting to be involved with the food preparation process now. I personally can't wait until they are old enough to take a night or two of dish duty a week. That's why we have children isn't it? So that they can do chores? No?

Anyway... My mom got the girls a subscription to a periodical called High Five. This one is for younger kids, more the 2-5 set. One of the things that each issue includes is a recipe. The first one had mac & cheese cups. We didn't do it. It looked like way more effort than it was worth--including having to wash my muffin tin for mac & cheese that they could have eaten with a fork. Nah. I'm not for making more work for myself and making a not very healthy recipe even less healthy--you have to add flour to make it stick together and then bake it.

The next one, however, had a little recipe that the girls were interested in and I was willing to do. We typically have a snack of fruit every afternoon, so this was a little more work, but at least close nutritionally. It involves dipping banana chunks in a peanut butter-honey mixture and then dipping that into raisins. A little extra fat and protein and the girls had a great time. It's not something I would want them to have everyday, but it was a nice way to pass a little time this afternoon and they sure enjoyed it. Kate also got to look at the measuring cups to find the 1/3, so a tiny smidge of math too.

This peanut butter is sticky!


They also helped me bake cookies this Sunday when we were concerned about the ice and stayed home from church. They've been enjoying their chocolaty dessert this week.

Can I eat these?

Got to love cooking with the kiddos.

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