Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cell Phone

I've found that a lot of times customer service is, well, lacking these days, so I was pleasantly surprised yesterday.

My cell phone evidently fell out of my pocket Saturday evening. I noticed it was missing when we got to the church to drop off the kiddos to go out on our date. I assumed I'd dropped it in the house and didn't bother to look for it until bed time. When I called it, it rang and rang until the voice mail picked up, but I never heard it. I went down stairs to try again, but this time it didn't ring at all. I was sure that meant that someone had turned it off. To be sure Justin checked the van, but then I called to cancel service to the phone. This was very simple. It was automated, which was good, since there wasn't anyone working at 10 PM on a Saturday night.

Yesterday when I called to check and see what charges had been racked up, the gal I talked to was just wonderful. She complimented me for having turned off the service so quickly and told me I wouldn't be responsible for any charges. Some activity already showed on the account--some mobile downloads of something. The text messages that I expect there to be hadn't shown up yet and may still take a day or two.

She did make a mistake--she told me that I could log in on the internet to check the charges, but couldn't because I got a message saying that "This phone has been reported lost or stolen." I just went through Justin's number and created an account, but I'm sure that's not easy for everyone to do.

Over all the service was excellent though, and that message said it was part of their updated security. I still think that all the employees should be up to date on it AND she also offered to stay on the line while I set up the account. I had declined to do some things for the kids before I did it.

To the person who took my phone: If you find a lost phone in the future, please be kind enough to return it (I had "HOME" programmed in.) It really is a pain to have to replace them and add all the numbers back in and you didn't get to play with my eight year old phone for very long. It wasn't worth it, was it?

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KentuckyGam said...

Glad that they won't charge you for anything that happened after it was lost.