Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

There are no extraordinary plans around here for Valentine's Day. We haven't been going out much anyway and today is sure to be a very busy night.

You can't exactly buy a diabetic candy for the holiday (I know they make stuff with artificial sweetners, but we try to use as little of that as possible), so I picked up some coffee for Justin when I was at the grocery on Monday. I stashed it in one of the upper kitchen cabinets. Around, oh Wednesday, he found it. I hear, "What's this coffee doing up here?!"

"Happy Valentine's Day," I answer.

"Oh, I thought it was open and, you were hiding it from me."

So now, he's found his Valentine's surprise AND he thinks I hide the good coffee so he can't have it!

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Thursday I got a beautiful bouquet of tulips. They are so pretty and remind me of spring. I love flowers, but they are such a nonessential, so it's a real treat to get them. My husband, knowing I'm frugal above all in that area, was sure to tell me he save $15 by having them delivered a day early and that he chose the least expensive selection. That just makes them all the prettier!

Justin took the girls shopping yesterday, so I'm going to venture a guess that there may be chocolate involved (see previous post).

Happy Valentine's Day from Us...No sugar added!

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