Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kate's Version of Adulthood

Kate has some interesting views about when she grows up:

K: "When I grow up I'll watch TV all day."

Me: "Really Kate, what will you do about groceries?"

K: "Okay, I'll buy groceries and then I'll watch TV all day."

Me: "How will you pay for them?"

K: "Gabby will."

Me: "So you and Gabby are going to live together?"

K exasperated: "Yes!"
(duh) Too bad her sister has to work so she can sit around and watch TV all day. Doesn't quite sound fair to me.

And then at dinner time:

K: "When I grow up, I'll make better tasting food than you."

Me: "Can I come over then?"

I guess if she watches a bunch of cooking shows that may be true!