Thursday, February 25, 2010

Waving the White Flag

I'm the type of gal who usually keeps it together. Life can be all kinds of crazy around me, but I just keep plugging through. The kids are screaming in the middle of the store--I just pick them up and keep right on going. Justin is diagnosed as diabetic--we read up and start counting carbs. We move when I'm seven months pregnant with Gabriella--I get a midwife and we unpack.

Today the kids caught me though. They conspired. I had coupons for Target, so I pack us all up and we head out to pick up a few things. Through much begging Kate convinces Gabby that they should ride in one of those huge monstrosities of a cart with the two seats for small children. So with the girls in the seats and Nate in his infant carrier in the basket we set off to conquer the diapers.

As I reach the back of the store, a teeny-tiny voice says, "I need ta go potty." I sigh. I thought of this as I turned out of the neighborhood, I forgot to take her before we left. I turned the gargantuan cart around and head back to the front of the store, where we unload and head to the restroom. Then all four of us pile into a stall for Gabby to do the tiniest tinkle possible. Then of course Kate had to go. We all washed our hands and returned just in time to see our cart being put away. We retrieve it and get back to the exact same spot to hear, "I need ta go potty."

You've gotta be kidding. I tell her I'll grab what I need and then I'll take her again. I quickly grab a box of diapers and then head over a couple of aisles. The "I need ta go potty!" is no longer quiet. I put the box of diapers back on the shelf and head back to the restroom again, with less patience. This time she took significantly longer to do her business. Nate was fussing, and Kate was whining that she was bored. I gave up and came home.

Where Gabby informed me one of the floss sticks was in the toilet...the unflushed toilet. The joys of motherhood!

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KentuckyGam said...

I thought you were gonna end up with wet feet!! WHEW -- at least you didn't have to deal with that one!