Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm weird.

You knew that right?

My mom used to tell me that I was from the wrong century. I will say I like my air conditioning, right to vote, and electricity, not to mention the computer, but I'm pretty far from what I consider the typical 30 year old American woman.

I can. Like put produce into jars and put them in a pressure canner and seal the lids on. Not exactly typical.

I sew. More than buttons or to hem a pair of pants. I regularly make things--curtains, Halloween costumes, clothes, presents for friends, and my favorite is quilts.

Justin likes to tease me about being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I do that a lot too. Since I don't like shoes, cook most of our meals, and I'm fairly regularly pregnant these days!

I am pretty ubberly conservative too--though I'm not planning to go into politics here.

I have gone to church nearly every Sunday since I was a small child, even through college, and after we were married before we had kids when a lot of people stop going. I will admit there is a serious lack of support for young married couples who don't have children in most churches.

Then there's the whole family thing. Bigger families are starting to make a come back, so I guess moving beyond two isn't super radical these days, but you can try telling that to the person who sold me the pregnancy test for this pregnancy, who asked me, "How old are they?!" looking at my girls. Perhaps the clerk's problem was with their spacing...

I am college educated, but stay home with my children.

We have worked hard to stay out of debt beyond our house and one vehicle.

I'm just not normal! And I like it that way. Besides, I blame it on my family. I think I was sewing before I could write. My grandmothers and mother sewed. Everyone canned--what else do you do with a whole garden full of veggies? My mother cooked almost every meal we had growing up--going out to dinner was a rare treat, not a daily or weekly thing in our household. My parents took us to church and made sure we knew we were supposed to be there. My Grannie had six kids and I always loved that there were always people around.


Just A Chemist said...

That is one of the reasons why we are married.
I have said may times, I should have been born in 1880. Though we would NOT have lived in the bloody plains. I think St. Edward's Island would have been better.
I prefer a slide rule and typewriter to a computer and calculator.
Despite the fact I am typing this on a computer, and use another to complete my dissertation...
Children as reckoned as to arrows in the quiver, steam locomotives are good things, and I get perplexed at the things on TV these days.

ann said...

Good, good, good. All good.