Monday, October 31, 2011


"Happy Halloween!"

from the vampire,

the ghost,

and the mummy too.

The girls decided they wanted to be 'scary' this year. You're trembling, right? Once they decided on their costumes we picked Nate to 'match.' The costumes are homemade, except that we bought Kate a black dress that she can wear all fall (and the teeth, obviously!). We taught the girls "We vont to suck your blood," but we've since changed it to "We vont to eat your candy."

I know a lot of Christians don't do Halloween, but we do. We refused to give Satan even one day out of the calendar. The kids will learn only to go where they are invited (i.e. where the porch light is on), so it's not truly begging, another argument I've heard against trick-or-treating. And there will plenty of thank yous and giggles, I'm sure.

Here are some older Halloweens if you want to take a peek!

Before the blog (we really had kids and even took their pictures before the blog!):

2007 (a fairy and a pumpkin)

2006(Pebbles Flintstone)

2005 (pumpkin)

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KentuckyGam said...

Happy Halloween!! Love Nate's costume as a mummy. Gabby makes a cute little ghost!! Kate's vampire teeth are so big for such a little girl --- her dress is gorgeous(makes her look so much older). I hope everyone has fun trick or treating!!
Kate has REALLY grown since her first Halloween in 2005!!!