Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Day

What is it about Halloween that gets kids so very wound up? We haven’t even gotten into all the sugar yet. We haven’t done treats here at the house today, knowing there would be plenty of goodies tonight. And who really needs that much sugar?

Our day started off out of the ordinary. We took treats to Justin’s classes at the university. We stopped in and dropped off goody bags to his eight o’clock class, just before they let out. Then we gave goodies bags to his nine, as they were arriving.

Kate also insisted we give a bag to Dr. Matt, one of the other professors. Disaster almost struck, as we stopped by his office and he wasn’t there, but the tragedy was averted, as he came by when we were looking for the mailboxes to leave it for him.

We’ve had an otherwise normal day, but as the afternoon wears on Miss Kate is getting more and more antsy. She’s so funny. Running in circles and talking a thousand words a minute.

Of course pulling out the trick-or-treat candy, was quite helpful. She wasn’t all interested in the Twizzlers or the gigantic strawberry on the package. Not to worry though. Last year we didn’t have one blessed trick-or-treater, so we’ll probably have plenty for her to get into tomorrow. There are a ton of kids on our street so I bought five huge bags of candy. In defense of the shortage of trick-or treaters, we hear that the previous owners were quite odd and anyone who new about the “new owners” would have also known we had a less than two week old baby.

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