Saturday, October 18, 2008

She's One

She’s one! I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since she joined our little family (Yes, as a matter of fact, I consider a family of four to be little.).

She’s gone from that itty-bitty, bunched up, little ball to a beautiful, intelligent girl. She’s grown by more than inches and pounds: she’s learned to smile, laugh, crawl, pull up, cruise, blow kisses, use a cup, and steal hearts. The girl can even say a handful of words, a major accomplishment in a house with Kate—even I have trouble getting a word in edgewise. She’s my baby girl and I love her.

In this year, we’ve never been apart more than a couple of hours. It’s been such a blessing to be home with my girls. While it lasts, I hope to enjoy it to its fullest. I’m not quite sure where all that time has gone, but it passed quickly.

Thanks be to God for providing for our family and for the blessing of this darling little girl, and for her health, intelligence, curiosity, and playful spirit.

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