Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The girlies are enjoying their gymnastics classes each week. They need to work on some of the skills, namely keeping their arms and legs straight, but they are definitely improved from where they were at the beginning of the fall.

Kate has class first.

Her class alternates between learning to do these running flips with the spring board and using the high bars (she prefers the high bars) because she's intimidated by doing a flip from a full run.

(That high bar in the background with the yellow tie on it, is one that she climbs using the old horse (they don't use those anymore) and shimmies across to learn to drop to the ground--they only flip on the lower bars. They do put extra thick foam underneath it too while they are learning.)

She is learning to do a back flip by rolling over the 'barrel'

and she's getting instruction in how to do a round off.

Then Gabriella gets her turn:

Stepping through a hoop and over toys on the beam,

Learning how to do a cartwheel,

And her favorite is flipping over bars too. I think part of that is because her teacher's name here is Miss Gabby.

So that is what my biggest two monkeys are up too! I've been pleased with the increase in confidence the girls have physically. I'm not sure how long they will continue to be interested in gymnastics, but I'm glad they are enjoying it now.

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KentuckyGam said...

So they like being little "flippers?" I never did like the balance beam, but then I never got to do it close to the ground either (and I don't like to be even 3 feet off of the ground). Glad they're enjoying their gymnastics!