Monday, October 17, 2011

Write it Down

When I was little, I remember coming home from school with marker on me.

Not like the gals did the other day though. My teacher would write on me. She would write letters I struggled with or even put a dot on my nose if I did something well. Those were visual reminders... The dots would prompt others to ask why, and we could tell what we did right. The letters or numbers on my hand were there to remind me to practice them.

I had forgotten all about that until after weeks of trying to convince Kate to memorize the addends that made 10, I remembered that little teaching tool from my kindergarten year. I wrote two of the three sets of numbers she was struggling with and by the end of the week she had them memorized. Since then I've written a few letters on Gabby's hands and a few more equations on Kate's hands. The writing reminds them, every time they see it, and it is a reminder to me to ask them about it all through the us a lot of practice in what ever we are working on at the moment.

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