Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We got to go to see the midwife again yesterday. Since we were having an ultrasound Justin came to go with us. The baby is facing my back, so there aren't any pictures this time. That's good news for delivery though, since Kate was so difficult facing forward. The baby that appeared to be so big, is estimated to only weigh six pounds right now. The midwife said that my fundal height continues to be high, so apparently I'm just carrying out in front and high. My weight, blood pressure, and baby's fluid levels all look good, so we may be waiting to meet this baby until he or she is evicted at 42 weeks, since there is no reason to rush him or her along.

Justin was assured that in the six years that she had been at the practice that no babies had been delivered on the side of the road, but that some did come within 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital. She told him that babies born that quickly were nearly always healthy and we could just call 911 for help. He didn't seem to think that was of much reassurance though.

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