Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gabby's Two!

I can't belive it, but Gabriella's turning two today! She's such a fun little girl. She and her sister are alike and so different in many ways. It's amazing to see those contrasts and similarities.

Many people have commented that Gabby's name doesn't fit her, because she tends to be more on the quiet side. Even in the delivery room she was more diminutive in her cries, but she has found her voice this past year. While she won't talk much to other people, she tells us about all sorts of things here. She has lots of opinions, most specifically that she wants to do it herself. "Gabby do it," is her favorite phrase at the moment.

Gabby has a love of babies. She loves baby dolls, she pretends stuffed animals and even robotic Elmos are babies, and most of all she loves the real thing. I'm not sure how this will bode for our new addition, but I know she will love him or her. She likes to "help" with toys, pacifiers, and feedings. She's quite the little mama.

Gabby also loves doing whatever it is that her sister is doing, so long as Kate didn't ask her too! She's been enjoying acting like animals lately, especially dogs and cats. She has always been a Mama's girl. I love her sweet snuggles. She loves to sit with me and she comes to me whenever something goes wrong--which happens a lot at this age, when you run headlong into walls and spin until you're too dizzy to stand.

It's hard to guess her favorites, but here's trying...

Top two favorite books: Hippos go Berzzerk and Sweet Dream Kisses

Favorite toy: Baby Dandiel (Daniel)

Favorite restaurant: McDonald's

Favorite color: pink

Favorite food: cheese


ann said...

The dizziness part cracked me up. Anyway, happy birthday Gabby. I'll see you tonight.

KentuckyGam said...

Gabby, I hope you had a Happy Birthday. We love you.

桂綸鎂May said...
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