Thursday, March 7, 2013

What is in a Name?

Justin and I are good at naming baby girls.  Baby boys...ugh.  We had a couple of names picked out when we were expecting Kate and Gabby, but by the time we were expecting Nate they were out for various reasons.  We didn't have a boy's name chosen until the very end.

I like names he doesn't like, and he likes weird names names I don't like.  We called Nate, Ehud, because I thought it was a joke.  Justin actually wanted to name the kiddo that.  We used it as a little pet name, that obviously didn't stick around after we truly named the boy.

We were discussing the name quandary the other day and the children have put in their votes.

Kate chooses Glibert Blythe. (I love that book, can you name it?)

Gabby decided on Goliath.  (I think we have our pet name for the itty bitty.)

Nate looked around the room and made suggestions to the best of his ability: wall?  stairs?  couch?
I tried to help him out by asking him his friends' names.  He named off two, so I prompted him for more.  He told me, "I don't know their names, but I love all my friends in class."

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