Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kate's Half Birthday

Yesterday was Kate's Half-Birthday.  I asked her a set of questions so we can remember what she thought when she was 7 1/2.

Kate with a dead fall trap she built out back--thankfully it didn't catch anything, but she sure does like to make things!

What is your name? Katherine Elizabeth S-

How tall are you? 80 inches (really 52" or 4' 4")

What are you really good at? reading

What is you favorite toy? I don't really have a favorite toy.

What's your favorite book? The Mouse and the Motorcycle

What is your favorite game? Checkers

What is your favorite thing to eat? pizza and pasta and homemade bread

Where is your favorite place to go? to the park and out for ice cream

Who is your best friend? Ruby

What have you learned this year? I learned where to find the Laura and Mary books. (at the library)

What is you favorite thing to study in school? reading

What do you want to be when you grow up? The owner of an amusement park.

What is your favorite thing about Daddy? He takes me out for ice cream.

Gabby? She likes to play checkers with me.

Nate? He always trying to help me sweep.

Mama? You're silly.


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Jo-Anne said...

I love this! =D
I want to start something similar with Izzy on her first day of school.