Friday, March 15, 2013

Shower of Presents

I'm hosting a bridal shower for a gal on Sunday.  Justin is taking Nate and either of the girls that want to go out of the house, so that it is easier for me and said child(ren) aren't bored.  I've begun my baking and Nate is becoming distressed.

I've heard these things today, "I don't like baths!  I like showers!"
(Translation:  I want to be here, even if I don't understand what will be going on.)

I told him, "No, buddy.  No one is actually taking a shower.  It means we're giving gifts to Miss Emily."

He immediately responds, "I don't like my Legos."
(Translation:  While this is clearly absurd because these are my most prized possessions, I want someone to give me a gift.  If I stay, I'll obviously get gifts too.)

I anticipate crying on Sunday afternoon.  Thankfully Daddy has a trump card up his sleeve...thank goodness for ice cream!

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