Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We had a change of plans when we decided to have a fourth baby.  We'd lent out baby things, given away every stitch of baby boy clothes below a size 2T, and passed on some of our little girl clothes too.  Thankfully the huge list of things I put up for sale on Craig's List last summer did not sell--not one thing.  The crib I was trying to convince my husband to turn into a bench, hadn't made it to the top of the to-do list.  We still have diaper pails, baby carriers, and the crib.  All of those items I lent to a friend, who had a health emergency afterwards, came back, plus some of their now outgrown baby gear.

We need some things, obviously.  A new baby always means a few new things for chewing, toiletries, and such.  We'll need a new car seat, which was inevitable, as Kate's original infant seat expired not too long after Nate was finished with it.

So, while at this point with Kate I had ordered a travel system, baby furniture, and I had purchased a small selection of gender neutral clothes, this time I have bought almost nothing.  We got the little onsies, so the kids could do something and I have bought one new changing pad cover, evidently we lost one of our two covers.  That's all.  Part of that is the lack of cute neutral clothing, but that will all be sorted out in the end.  I'm convinced it is a girl, so I may get a surprise and need to buy some blue.

I'm thankful we don't need much, but it does seem odd not to wander the baby aisle each and every time I happen to be in a store.  In a couple of months I'll make a run for diapers and cream and good smelling baby wash.  In the mean time I'm eyeing those car seats...thankful that we had the forethought to purchase a convertible car seat when we replaced Nate's out of date seat this winter, so we can go with the lower weight infant seat.  After all, that's the only thing they won't let us leave the hospital without...that and a name.  Still no idea what we will name this baby if Goliath is a boy.

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hey said...

Congratulations on a new baby. What anticipation and fun for the other kiddos. :)