Friday, July 15, 2011


Continuing in the is the Master.

Most things in this room are old...the youngest piece of furniture (aside from the one wants an antique mattress, right?) is the hope chest. My Daddy made it for me as my high school graduation present 14 years ago. The pictures above it include a cross stitch piece I made when I was in high school and a quilt square that was made by my great-great grandmother.

The room also houses an antique rocker from Justin's great grandparents. We saved it from auction when his parents had need to down size several years ago and we reupholstered it in a vintage print.

The sewing table has been in my room since I was twelve or so. I believe that my parents purchased it at a yard sale or the like. It has a working treadle machine inside, which only lacks a belt and a whole lot of foot power to run!

Then there is the chest of drawers. It was a wedding gift to my mother's parents.

It is nice to have so much history and pretty furniture tucked away in our room. It makes for a pretty space and it keeps the things safe from the little ones! The room needs a piece of art over the bed, but I've not decided on what just yet.

In contrast to the antiques, we have a modern bathroom,

with a standing shower and tub (one of these days I'll actually take a bath in there),

As well as a double vanity. I have to say I don't entirely get double vanities... I can wait two minutes to brush my teeth on he rare occasion that we both would have brushed at the same time. Perhaps I just don't spent enough time primping, as they are very popular!

It has great light and is a pretty shade of blue--one of only two rooms in the house that aren't the neutral beige. I feel a bit guilty having such a nice bathroom with the girls sharing a room, but, alas I didn't design the house, so I guess I should just enjoy it.

The other rooms, so far:

Next week we'll head down stairs into more of the living areas.

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KentuckyGam said...

Just so you know -- the quilt square was made by your great-great-great grandmother. Her daughter was my great grandmother, who I remember very well. Also the blue tulip quilt hanging on the chair was made by my maternal grandmother, the granddaughter of the one who made the hanging quilt square.