Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kate wants horibly to be a flower girl. All of the sudden a light went off in her head. She could decide what her flower girls will wear (Kate has been talking about her wedding lately.). Yes, girls. As in three of them. They are to wear her pink dress up dress (an obvious choice), a pink a blue floral cotton that she had worn on Sunday (not quite your typical wedding formal wear, but okay), and a blue tie-dyed dress. Hmm. One of these things is no like the others... Then she made a very specific request that all of the girls had to have blonde hair. No raven haired beauties, red hair cuties, or brunette sweeties need apply. Their hair must all need to match, since the dresses don't!

Next up she announces that I would be her one and only bridesmaid. I will wear a "big purple dress" and have red roses to carry.

And the last part of her little mini planning session was to decree that her wedding cake would be made from five layers of The Pioneer Woman's Mocha Brownies.(note: These are in the cookbook, not on the website, but feel free to drop by and look at her other brownie recipes and gain a few pounds just reading the ingredient lists!). She decided the flower girls couldn't have any because it would be to thick.

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