Friday, July 8, 2011


Kate had a first this past week--she went to summer camp. It was a mornings only thing that was closer to our old house. We made a nice little haul very day, since I signed her up before we knew we were moving in June instead of mid-July. She really enjoyed it though.

"Camp was good. I could go fishing. It was good I could cook. It was good I could eat a pig of a cupcake." -Kate

She went fishing with a net. She fell in...twice. She really is my daughter. She had the opportunity to cook. They made crafts, read books, and she made a friend.

One day as the smaller kiddos and I were playing in the main part of the museum where she was at camp, her class came through and I got a picture of her with the group. (She's in the middle--purple and yellow tie die and black skirt.)

The rest of the pictures are of the reception they had the last day:

A life sized self portrait

A table full of her crafts


As you can see, she is still going by Katie Beth. We still don't call her that at home...not sure I'll ever be able to switch that one over in my head, but I do sign her up for things as that, since that is what she prefers.

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