Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dining Room

There isn't a lot to show here yet, but this is the dining room. Justin and I have debated on whether we wanted one if we built our own house one day. And, while the location and its openness to the rest of the house has changed over the years, we always decided we really wanted one. At this point, with three kiddos, a little breakfast nook would not suffice. I really liked our eat in kitchen in Kansas. It had enough of a dining room feel for me, but this. This I love.

I have some plans for the walls, but other things have taken precedence...like the dissertation and getting everything else set up before my extra little projects. With a good bit of space on each side of the china cabinet, I'm hoping to put up some shelves to display some pottery we were able to purchase from a friend when she was throwing pots before having babies to care for. We also have a tea set that I bought that would be housed on the shelves. I'm sorting out some framed pictures to hang on the wall opposite the window too.

We broke in the room really well the other night, feeding 6 adults and four children in there with three more kiddos at the kitchen table!

The last stop in the tour is a goody, so be sure to stop back by on Friday.

Family Room
Living Room

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