Friday, July 29, 2011

The Library

When Justin and I first looked at this house, we couldn't believe the spaces in it. It was too perfect for our home schooling family. We looked at it despite the fact we knew it was above our budget and would take some financial wrangling to get the owners to sell it at a price we could afford. When we found out that the price was pretty well non-negotiable, we were heartbroken, but in a last ditch effort after running the numbers and finding them out of what we were able to pay, I called our insurance company. The numbers I had been working with in my estimates were based on our payments in Kansas (admittedly with a different company--this one refused to insure us there because a tree over hung that house). Evidently with using this company and being in Tennessee, the insurance costs were half of what I was expecting, dropping our monthly payments to a place we were able to make the purchase. What a huge blessing.

This room is one of the reasons we loved the house so much. It is listed as a formal living room, but we already have two common living spaces, so we knew right away this would be a library.

We were able to have my Daddy build us the bookcases, we just have to pay for the supplies.

He delivered them in pieces

and assembled them here.

The desktop computer needs to find its way to a permanent spot still and some day the little fellow won't be so intent to empty out library books from book bags and clothes from his diaper bag, so we will be able to down size the little table here. For now, this little bar works great for keeping things at least some what protected! We would eventually like to replace the task chair with something white, so it doesn't stand out so much and we're debating art for above the desk area, but it is such a wonderful blessing to have all of these books and supplies at easy reach. Last year our home school supplies were scattered about the dining room table, bookcases, my closet, and even in some piles on my bedroom floor, as there was just no where else to keep them.

Once the cases were here it became obvious that the wonderful storage underneath was a great temptation for Nate, so my Daddy put in some locks to keep out the curious little fellow!

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of our new home! If you missed some, the links are below.

The other rooms:
Dining Room
Family Room
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rocketmommy said...

Your house is beautiful and you guys are doing a fabulous job decorating it. I am so glad that you were able to get it in the end and it all worked out. =)
By the way, those book shelves are AMAZING!!! Your dad is incredibly talented. I just love them!

ann said...

These are amazing. Congratulations to you.