Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Family Room

Here is where the kids hang out. At least theoretically. It seems as though if I have need to work in the kitchen they are under foot. If I am on the computer, they want their turn. And if I am upstairs I have a little crew at my heels.

Here is an over view of the room.

Next up, the toys...since that is the most important role of a room like this, right? Well a least if you are still in the single digit age range it is! We've talked about pool, foosball, air hockey, or the like when the kiddos get older.

There are storage bins and baskets for storage. And of course a little kitchen and table with chairs. The kids have the privilege to pick up after dinner every night... And I do mean privilege. Otherwise I clean up. They don't like that, because I weed out toys and put things up for later.

The kids occasionally watch some TV, but mostly it is where Justin and I vegetate once they are off to bed. We don't have cable/satellite/etc, but we do have home made antennas. We haven't watched anything that way yet. We have to figure out something before NCIS comes on in the fall (I have to find out whose paperwork was in that file!), but for now we use Netflix. We're as disappointed as everyone else about their rate increase, so we may revist our subscription this fall.

The dresser is mine from high school. It has resided in the Master bedroom, the guest bedroom, Kate's bedroom, and the girls' combined bedroom. Since the kids rooms are a little smaller here, we opted to use it in this space and I think it works well. The DVD player, Roku player are all hidden away. There is storage for our DVDs and linens for the hide-a-bed in the drawers. We like it anyway!

The other rooms, so far:

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