Monday, April 26, 2010

Things I've Learned...

Ten things I've learned as a mother:

1. Always keep your keys in your pocket when the kids are in the car.

2. Always wear clothes with pockets.

3. That which you think will be easy will be a struggle and that which you expect to be a struggle will be easy.

4. Everyone else has an opinion about how you should raise your kids.

5. A child with a quiet disposition does not mean that the child is compliant.

6. Every child grows and learns at his or her own unique rate--really. That's not just something to make you feel better about your slow, thin, chubby, or otherwise differently developing child.

7. Yes, indeed, she can get louder, more whiny, and grumpier.

8. For a short trip to the grocery, leave the diaper bag at home. You're not really going to change the diaper in the store. You might in the car, so just keep a couple of diapers there instead of toting them around all the time.

9. They don't care if they get the best of everything.

10. Moms need friends too.

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