Thursday, April 22, 2010

Outloud at Target

The other day we were walking through the store as a family. I was carrying Nate in my arms rather than in the Moby like I usually do. Kate looks at me and says. "It looks like your pregnant."

Nothing like a comment like that to take you down a notch. This lady was walking behind us and passed as we stopped to pick out some coffee. She had giggled at Kate's remark, but as she passed she whispered, " But you don't."

So thank you to the kind lady who was nice enough to tell me that I don't look pregnant. And as for this little stinker:

I guess I'll keep her and pretend that she said that because of comments she's heard about how it's like I'm pregnant again when I carry Nate in the wrap. But I don't think I'll ask her how I look before I go somewhere. She might be a little too honest for my taste.

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