Friday, April 9, 2010

Gam & PawPaw Visit

We've been spoiled. We have had visits from both sets of grandparents and my sister in the past month.

Life can get kind of lonely on the plains sometimes, so it was nice to have visits and the extra sets of hands around.

My dad worked most of the time he was here. I feel a bit guilty about it, but do appreciate all he did for us. The house looks great.

I wound up with the stomach flu--bad news with three little ones, but my mom was so nice to let me get a nap yesterday. While I'm still not feeling great, I am so thankful that they were here. God sure is good at providing what we need.

I wish that we had gotten more pictures, but somehow the three munchkins kept us hopping. I did manage to get a few.

PawPaw with the girls

Gam & the girls

Gam & the Little Man

Nate & PawPaw

Hopefully soon we'll be close enough to see each other much more often!


Devon said...

What sweet pictures!!!! I'm glad they got to visit!

Kristy said...

Thanks Devon!

KentuckyGam said...

We had a wonderful time. I just hope we were more "help" than we were "work." I know that having guests (even family) does take extra effort. Can't wait until you're closer and we can see a lot more of you, Justin & the munchkins!!