Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've heard it said that the change from one child to two is much harder than from two to three. That was not true for me. This has been a challenge in the way that adding Gabby never was! Perhaps that's in part due to their close ages or that I felt woefully unprepared for a third child, even the week that Nate was born. Or maybe it's just because I no longer have one hand for each child!

But I have gained new knowledge with my new position. The middle child doesn't get left out--she wouldn't let me if I tried. You sometimes have to let one child cry for a minute while you take care of someone else, and it's truly okay. It might take a little longer, but I can manage to get all three children out the door, through the grocery store and back in one piece, all by myself. I can even somehow pull off cooking dinner most of the time.

We've made some changes... We've yet to attempted dinner out. The idea of one of the kids having a melt down, yielding a chain reaction is just too daunting. Preschool activities are fit in on the fly, whenever there is a free moment. And we spend much more time at home, instead of trying to get out several days a week.

Life with three is a fulfilling challenge. I'm sure that while the physical intensity of motherhood will decrease over the coming years, there will be a multitude of new challenges. I am grateful for my little charges and pray that God will give me the wisdom (and the stamina) I need to help these little people love and follow Him.

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