Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is only our third winter in Kansas, so perhaps I'll adjust, but I really don't think so! Besides, it's never been this crazy here before. It started snowing on Christmas Eve. Here we are two weeks later...and it's snowing again--for the fourth time in that period! I haven't seen a blade of grass in two weeks. Forget that--I haven't seen the street in two weeks! Or the end of our driveway--we can't clear it because of the work the city did, leaving us with a bunch of gravel and ice.

The girls have been begging to play in it, but I hadn't let them out all week because it had been so terribly cold. Today we had a heatwave--it's 20 degrees, so the munchkins were frolicking in the white stuff. Gabby came to the door nearly in tears, "There's snow all over me boots!" I chuckled. No joke--there's close to a foot of it on the ground. I asked if she wanted to come in. "No! Me wanna play in the outside."

I don't mind the snow on the lawn, really. I do have trouble with handling getting all of us out with the constant mess on the driveway, roads, and parking lots. I'm not a big fan of -12 (degrees Fahrenheit--units included for my husband the chemist, aren't you proud of me for remembering?) either. Happy winter Kansas!

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