Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Call Me Grace

We're finally getting some relief from the frigid temperatures we've had here since just before Christmas. I even saw a spot of pavement on our road today, instead of the ice we've had for three weeks!

This means the mountain of snow that has been piled in front of our garage is starting to melt--yay. Once that's gone the garage can be rearranged--some of our Christmas things have been haphazardly stashed out there due to the cold and the lack of easy accessibility to their rightful locations.

All this is wonderful.

Yesterday I carried Gabby to the van because she insisted on wearing a dress for MOPS. She never does this, but it wasn't a big deal. She was wearing dress shoes instead of boots and the girls have been kicking the snow as they walk to and from the van, so I thought it best to take her out first rather than letting her walk. As we were walking, I was paying no attention to our cleared driveway. The problem was that it was, in fact, no longer cleared. The melted snow had refrozen over night and formed a nice little sheet of ice, which I discovered as my hip hit the pavement.

I didn't drop Gabby and I was fine. "Mama fell down in da snow. Mama all wet!"

I was so thankful that she wore dress shoes, so I didn't have them all three at once. God is gracious--giving my two year old a desire for a dress, even when I'm not graceful!

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