Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Parenting is full of millions of decisions I never really contemplated before. There are little ones and big ones. Little ones that seem like big ones and big ones that seem insignificant at the time.

They start from the moment the baby is born--breast or bottle, to vacciante or not (and when), pacifier or no. Who can hold baby, when to go out, to return to work or stay home. How often to bathe the baby. When to introduce solids, and in what order. When to wean, how to discipline, to send the child to preschool or not. If so, then where and for how many days and hours. For school: public, private, charter or home.

And they keep coming until the child heads off to college and beyond, how much assistance you give financially, do you offer your advice or wait to be asked, when to bite your tongue.

And you just hope you make more good ones than bad and that you don't mess them up too badly.

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KentuckyGam said...

And it will NEVER end!