Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Okay, so maybe I over reacted...

Someone knocks on my door this afternoon wearing a cable company logo garb. I told him I wasn't interested and closed the door. For the record, we used to have their service for our Internet and their services was...lacking (see here). He waits a good minute, and then he knocked again.

He tells me he wants access to my back yard. I asked for proof of who he worked for. He didn't have a truck parked on the street, and really, how hard is it to get a shirt with a logo on it? Then he told me my name (which is printed in the phone book). He showed me an ID badge, but he was making my life difficult and badges like he was wearing would also be easy to fake. I ask for a phone number to confirm him. He hemmed and hawed, but finally gave me the number.

Admittedly, I probably should have taken him at his word, but I didn't. When the woman answered the phone I asked if she could confirm that she had sent someone to my home. She cheerfully answered yes she had. The problem I had with this answer--she didn't ask who was at my door, who I was, or where I lived! I told her that her answer didn't mean much to me, seeing as she hadn't gotten any information from me.

I spoke to her supervisor, who did actually confirm the person worked for them. He thanked me for being a concerned citizen. No one got in my backyard, by the way. I was told in the future I would be notified prior to anyone attempting to gain access to my yard.

I did the "right things," but I still felt silly. Such is life I suppose.

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