Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Over Due

It's so interesting that if someone says that her baby was three days early, or even two weeks, no one blinks an eye, but once you reach your due date people start questioning your practitioner's sanity with allowing you to continue your pregnancy.

I will admit there are some nice draws to an induction...I could pick the date of my child's arrival (at least probably--with a third, it's not likely we'd continue to the next day). I could have child care arranged. There's no mad dash to the hospital.

But, with every intervention there is extra risk. If I wait it out, perhaps I will avoid Pitocin...

I'm also kind of hoping to avoid an IV, which will be placed if I go in for an induction. I used to be hugely needle-phobic, and I'm sure that doesn't really help the situation, but over the years I've been poked and prodded several times with out running away in terror or even crying. The real reason for not wanting this is that evidently placing an IV in the forearm (where they like them for labor) for me is very difficult. My arm hurt as much as the labor did last time because they blew out several veins in my left arm before the nursing supervisor had to come and try for a second time in my right. I looked like a junkie for a good month. It wasn't just unattractive--it was quite painful.

That said, at some point in the next week and a couple of days, this baby will have to be born for safety's sake. We're looking forward to meeting him or her, but I'm trying to be patient. I am so very thankful that the end of this pregnancy has been so comfortable. I have the occassional late pregnancy malidies, but nothing that is so difficult I can't stand it another week (at least once the moment of discomfort has past!).

The baby looked great on my first NST (non-stress test) yesterday. I will go back on Thursday to check the fluid levels and have another NST. We will re-evaluate again then, but at current, the date is November 19th, unless baby decides to come more quickly.

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KentuckyGam said...

I am so glad that you are still relatively comfortable. I'm anxious to meet my new grandchild, but if you go until the 19th it will make my travel plans a little easier (not quite so rushed) than I think they're going to be.