Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I’m not usually one of those people that thinks it’s worth getting into the mess that is “Black Friday,” but young Master Nate was in need of a few items and I could get 60% at Carter’s if I got there by noon. So I got the girls set up with Sesame Street (leaving Daddy here to tend to them) and took the little one with me. We were able to get him some long sleeved onsies to go under some of the cute short sleeved shirts that we were given. I also got him a pair of pants, since he was lacking a little in that department in the small sizes. We got an outfit—cords and a sweater for family pictures and I got a cute little ‘dress’ shirt from another shop for $2.00. Shhh! I also got the girls Christmas Eve present from us: very cute little red night gowns. They will love them—they are so sweet.

We went to the scrapbooking store to get vellum (40% off) for his birth announcements. Hopefully I’ll get those finished up soon. I was actually working on those until the little man woke up again.

All said and done, including the drive to and from—1 hour and 20 minutes! Not bad for some good deals. And my littlest shopper was well behaved the whole time in my handy-dandy Moby Wrap! Thanks again Ann!


KentuckyGam said...

Glad to hear that Nate was a good little shopper and you got what you went after. I spent Black Friday ordering off the internet. I'm going to have to make a check-off list so we can keep track of everything as it comes in. I had done a "Click & Pull" at Sam's Club last night and your father went and picked it up around 10 this morning. I've made quite a dent in my shopping without leaving home!!

Devon said...

Nice! Great shopping!