Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still Here

Yep. I'm still here. This baby has decided that he/she wants to hang out awhile longer.

I had a very lengthy appointment today. There evidently was a bit of a mix up (or three) with the gals in the front office, so we had a late start. I saw two different midwives and a student midwife today, due to one of those little mix ups. I had another NST. The baby fell asleep though. This made that test take a little longer, since we have to have an awake baby to see if the heart rate increases appropriately with movement. I was contracting through out the test, but that's not exciting, as that's how I spend the last weeks of all my pregnancies.

After the baby finally passed on the NST, we discussed the induction date and moved it up to Monday. First, I am pretty sure that regardless of how long we give baby we're going to end up in the same place anyway, as is my midwife at this point, though she is ever hopeful that we'll have a spontaneous labor. Second, she has mentioned several times that she thinks this baby may be a pound bigger than my previous babies, despite the gestational size ultrasound (which can be off up to two pounds in either direction) from a few weeks ago. So rather than allowing the baby to get even bigger, and since we'll likely end up in the same place (an induction) within a couple of days anyway, we'll go ahead.

After that I waited for the very busy ultrasound room. The gal there checked to be sure the baby had enough fluid. She can't tell me anything, but as no one called and told me to get to L&D, we'll assume that all was well with that too.

So baby is happy and healthy, mama is tired, and the eviction date has been set, unless of course, with all our plans laid the baby decides to come earlier--no complaints here, other than the headache it may cause in getting my mom here/care for the girls, but I'll gladly take that one.


Ashley said...

Good luck honey!!

KentuckyGam said...

I did get a refundable ticket, so if you do go into labor early AND if there are in seats still available on the few flights that are left, I may be able to get there a little earlier. The only thing that will be an issue is the limo service charges extra if I change my time with them and don't guarantee that they can make the pickup. But I'm sure I could get from the airport to your house somehow.