Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby Things I Love...

I've been thinking about the things that we use for our little ones, since I have a newbie.


Pampers Swaddlers. These are great because they feel so soft. I only use "name brand" diapers when my kiddos are small and switch to a store brand later, but I really do like the Swaddlers and I pay the extra for them. Huggies are nice enough, but for some reason my kiddos don't fit well in them. There's too much space around their skinny little legs when they are young and they leak considerably. I'm sure they are great for many families though and we do like the umbilical cord notch, since it's cut lower--we still had to fold down the Pampers to keep the diaper off of it.

Cetaphil. I am not a fan of the standard baby scented soaps, though I will admit I really like the lavender ones. For little bitty babies an unscented soap is a better choice, per our pediatrician. We also used this for Gabby's face since she's always had sensitive skin there. She still breaks out if we don't wash her face with it regularly.

Aveeno Baby Lotion. Again, it's unscented. It works well on dry baby skin, even through the winter months with our young babies (they've all been born in the fall).

Boudreaux's. While I'm not a fan of the full name (The only 'but' allowed in my home growing up only had one 't.'), this stuff works so well that I forgive it. My oldest daughter had a horrible time with diaper rashes, but we started using this regularly (at every change) and we rarely ever saw red after that. We used it intermittently with Gabby and have a tube ready for Nate.

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent (perfume free, dye free). I do lots of laundry (five loads just today!), so separating baby's laundry from the rest of the family would just add to that. Instead of pricey 'baby' detergents I just opt for my regular detergent sans the big allergens. I've never had a baby react to laundry washed in regular detergent, but we have no family history of that kind of sensitivity. I'm sure it's saved us quite a bit of money and who knows how many loads of laundry!

**I was not compensated for these reviews nor did I receive free samples beyond one Pampers and one Huggies diaper--sent to anyone who signs up that they are expecting a new baby (I also purchase packages of each of these).**

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KentuckyGam said...

Kristy, Compare these prices with what you pay -- Pampers-size 0 84 diapers for $22.16
Pampers-size 1 - 216 diapers for 37.98 These are the prices at Sam's Club.