Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life is busy! I'm finding it difficult to get two hands free to type. I get plenty of time to look online while nursing, but to put together more than a sentence or two in type is a tad more difficult at the moment. For some reason our children are on opposite sleep schedules. Nate gets up early, sleeps most of the morning, wakes up around lunch time, naps when the girls get up from their afternoon naps, and then is up from about the time I start dinner until I go to bed--later than I'd like. He's only two weeks old though, so his sleep patterns will change drastically in a few weeks--like the size of his foot has this week. One of Justin's co-workers gave us some socks last week. They were really too big for his little feet when he brought them home on Tuesday. Today I put a pair on him--and they fit!! What?!

I'm trying to get going on my Christmas shopping and having a hard way to go. My little sister asked for the very descript--blue ray movies. Yikes! I have not a clue which one or ones to get her. Then there are our parents. Both sets of them are quite able to purchase pretty well whatever they want, so I've found myself trying to find things that they never knew they needed or wanted. The in-laws aren't privy to my blog, so I can tell what I have planned for them...we're getting them a web cam so they can chat with the girls. My parents have one and the girls think it's great to see them instead of just using the phone. Plus we can show off the baby (who while he can occasionally roll--yes he's only two weeks old and has rolled twice[!!!]--can't yet converse).

I took the three children out shopping today. It's not the first time we've been out solo. Actually, I've been out with them several times, but today was the first day that one of the girls had a melt down while we were out. We were leaving a store (the first of our two stops) when Gabby decided not to hold my hand. She is very stubbourn about her independance, so I told her she could hold my hand or I would carry her (remember I'm already carrying the baby--in my Moby thank goodness). We get halfway across the main drive when she falls to her knees screaming. This is not good. Kate's carrying a heavy bag, I'm holding Nate and Gabby is screaming and flailing tucked under my arm. Enjoy laughing at me. I'm sure it was commical. I eventually wrested her into her car seat and got her strapped in. Poor Kate was so good through it all. She lugged that huge bag for me and waited patiently as I struggled with Gabby's straps as she tried to get loose. Lesson for me--Gabby rides in the cart--it's much easier to push her out screaming than to carry her away from the baby!

I have our parents taken care of (no hints for my mom though!), our two grandmothers are done, I've started on Justin and the girls, and I've got a list started for Nate. Not done, but we'll get there!


KentuckyGam said...

How did you know I was going to laugh? It's good to hear something out of you since our phone call was so short on Sunday. I had been wondering how you were getting along with your little troupe. I hope Nate's schedule changes soon so you can get a little more rest, but with a baby, you probably won't enough rest for quite some time. Did you realize that your Uncle Terry turned 60 today? Love you.

KentuckyGam said...

Rolled completely over? From front to back or back to front?

Kristy said...

He rolled tummy to back. The first time I really thought it was just because he was mad. He'd been screaming, so I laid him down to get the girls teeth brushed, since I wasn't calming him down anyway. He was on his tummy when I left and when I came back he was on his back--Justin saw him do it. Then I took him to the bathroom when I showered on Monday and he did it again!