Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas. I love the music, the food, the family, and the decorations. I love all the traditions.

When I was a kid, I loved the white nativity set my parents had and the colored lights on the tree. We had an eclectic tree. The kind with ornaments that had been collected over many decades. Handmade and store bought. Quite the hodge podge. As we got older, my mom wanted a "pretty" tree, so she gave to us our sentimental ornaments, put a few of her own on a small table top tree, and started decorating her tree with gold and lots (and lots) of angels.

My Mama's trees now.

My house now looks a lot like hers did when I was growing up. Our tree with colored lights and ornaments from my grandparents tree down to the "Baby's First Christmas" Nate will get this year. My white nativity pieces like hers. I was able to repeat those things in our home.

Our tree from last Christmas morning--forgive me, our tree is up with lights on it, but the ornaments aren't yet. Busy, busy with the new baby!

Our Nativity Set

We've added some new traditions though. We have our own Advent wreath--something I grew up with at church. We light the candles and do Advent readings. We also have this great Advent box my dad built for us last year. We get to open a drawer each day. Often it's filled with a figurine or a tiny ornament. We talk about the significance of it to the Christmas story. Sometimes it is something to represent an activity. We're planning a few of those here soon--Kate's first Christmas program, building a gingerbread house, driving through town to look at Christmas lights, and baking Christmas tree cookies (another of my childhood Christmas traditions).

I hope that my children look back at their childhood Christmas seasons and remember these things more than the packages. I know that I do. Thank you to my parents for making those Christmases special.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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