Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Shower

When Kate was born, we were blessed to be given showers to meet the needs (and several of our wants) of a new baby. We were given lots of the things that make life easier with children--bouncy seat, swing, baby tub, and diaper bag.

When we had Gabby, we really didn't need much, beyond a few special momentos for her and a double stroller. This time with Nate, since we prefer not to dress him entirely in pink, we have needed a few more things. We were also starting to wear out some of our baby items. The diaper pail could only be flipped so many times before it no longer seals...

We planned to just get by with what we had and a few new clothes for him, but other people had different plans. My mom bought quite a few clothes for him. Then the ladies at our church decided they wanted to throw us a baby shower!

Kate's Sunday School teacher, who I love!!! put it together for us. This is the same woman who led the littlest kids out of the sanctuary saying, we should go to the nursery for a little while because, "I'm just so wiggly. I need to get my wiggles out," so the kids could have a little break before singing in the service.

The ladies who attended (and even some who didn't) were so kind and so generous. We are thankful for the lovely gifts and the wonderful fellowship.

Some of the yummy food.

Generous gifts.

The best diaper rash cream.

Wonderful guests and hostess!

Nate's Piggy Bank.

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