Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update on Our Cold Weather Fun

After yesterday's frozen doors, I checked the doors before getting the kiddos all ready. They were fine, so I set about bundling everyone up. I got us all to the van. all the belts buckled and straps fastened. I turned the key, and heard, "Click, click, click."

I called my Daddy. He told me that it was the battery. I brought the troops back inside. Then I gave my husband a call at work, so he could decide when he wanted to work on this. He opted to come home mid-day, since while it's cold there is some sun to help. Thankfully we had no pressing issues today and he doesn't teach classes on Thursdays. I'm afraid we caused him to have to bring grading home for the evening rather than putting up our Christmas tree, but I am thankful that the van now starts and that I have a husband that can fix such things quickly (and a Daddy I can call to tell me what to do).

Now lets just hope the alternator isn't the cause of all of this and that it's just that the battery was old!


Devon said...

Hoping for a battery issue!


Kristy said...

After he got the battery replaced--it was too dead to jump it--he put a Volt-Ohm meter on it and the alternator is working, perhaps a little below what it should, but not bad. He'll check it again when the weather gets warmer and he can change it out at a more convinient (and warmer) time if it needs replacing.