Thursday, March 26, 2009

Internet Service

My parents were here for a nice visit this week. It was my dad’s birthday, so he got to spend it with his favorite granddaughters. Okay, they are his only granddaughters, but they’re still his favorites. For any one who knows my Daddy, he loves computers. When I was growing up, we were one of the first families I knew of to have one. He taught himself how to use and build them. Last year when he was here, he set us up on a wireless router, so he could pursue the web from his lap top, rather than having to sit at the desk to use ours.

While they were here, horror of horrors, our internet stopped working. No blogging for me or my mom, no checking the weather, no reading the random entry on Wikipedia for Justin. It was an utter disaster. Okay, so it wasn’t THAT bad. Especially since my parents were here. Otherwise, I would have been out of my daily adult interaction—you know reading about other random people’s lives on their blogs, emailing my two dearest friends who live far away, and looking to see if anyone changed their status on Facebook.

I’d been considering switching service providers for awhile. After some pretty major frustration with a young lady in tech support at the old company and her boss who didn’t know proper English (She kept saying, “The most available day for a service call is in two days.” I didn’t want the most I wanted the next.). She refused to move the date up. She didn’t offer to waive my charges for the days I would be without service. I was mad—I yelled—I hung up. I don’t do that! I talk sweetly, seethe on the inside, and complain to my family later. That’s how I handle those situations. I think that the new baby doesn’t like bad grammar. Maybe he or she will be an English major.

Now I have a new provider. We called tech support last night to get it up and running. They were great.

And guess what? We’re saving over $30 a month. Yippee! Competence at a fair price. Free market is a beautiful thing.

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Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

good for you! We switched our service last year because the provider we had was ALWAYS dropping the ball! It's amazing to me. I realize they're huge companies but still, you would think they would try to do something to keep their customers!