Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh no!

They’ve taken them away!

I’ve changed a lot of diapers in the past three and a half years, but I’m only at about the half way point. I have awhile to go with Gabby, who shows very little interest in the potty at the moment, and the newbie hasn’t had the first of thousands of diaper changes yet.

With itty-bitty Kate I used the Pampers swaddlers. They were wonderful. They feel like cloth and caught lots of messes. Plus I didn’t have to wash them. See, they will tell you breast fed babies will have from one BM a week to 8 a day. You figure you’re little prince or princess will fall somewhere in the middle there. Not our little Katie bug. She usually granted us six of those diapers a day. Technically “somewhere in the middle,” but not at the end we wanted to be at! As she out grew the swaddlers size, we tried regular Pampers, but the leaked up her back. So we tried Huggies, they leaked out her legs. My mother suggested combining the two!

I happened to have a pack of White Cloud diapers a colleague had given me as a present. They weren’t one of the big names, but I thought they were worth a try. Guess what! On my tall skinny gal they were perfect. They also cost quite a bit less than the others. We were loyal customers.

When Gabby was born we did the swaddlers for a few months. Then we went straight to White Cloud. Then the past two times I went to buy them I couldn’t get them. We asked the girl stocking if they had any more. She said they discontinued them! What am I going to do?

My mom jokingly mentioned cloth. If I had a second washer, I’d do it. Gabby would be easy. She only needs a few a day, but the new baby… Will he or she be an eight a day pooper? Decisions. Decisions. Anyone know a good store brand diaper?

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Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

oh, that's too bad! Don't you hate when they discontinue something that you love!?