Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gabby's Growing Linguistics

Gabby Girl,

Can I ask a favor of you? Could you stop growing up so quickly? You see you're my snuggle bug and I'd like to hold on to that awhile longer. No? I didn't think so.


Gabby has been quickly adding to her vocabulary and linguistic skills. She's using her name to identify herself, though that means she often speaks in the third person--maybe she sneaking on Facebook at night. We're commonly hearing three word phrases, though often with pauses between the words.




and my favorite so far, "Poop...Daddy's...bed." Thankfully she was wearing a diaper!

I also love the way she says certain words. When I was a kid my mom taught us to "Eskimo kiss" by rubbing noses and saying "Uga-Muga." It's quite possible that this Inuit kissing isn't real, but it's very cute, especially since Gabby does it and says "Muga-Muga."

She's making lots of animal noises, "Moo, Baa, Oink, Snort, Neigh, Quack," with a great gusto! She's been singing songs like "Twink, Twink, star. How wonder are. Up World High. Sky. How wonder are. Amen."

For some reason she's also started using a "W" for "R" in words. "Pweese?"

Then there is the new word I wish she hadn't learned, "Whhhhyyyy?"

"Please don't flip yourself head first out of the chair."


"Please don't eat rocks."


She's growing and changing so quickly right now. She has a great personality and she my little buddy. I love you Gabriella!

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ann said...

She looks so old in this picture