Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We've had lots of company lately. Justin's parents were here for a few days and then this past weekend my parents were here for a short visit too. They went home yesterday morning. Life with extra people is more interesting, but a bit more tiring too. I was in bed before eight last night!

While we had them here the girls visited the zoo with Justin and his parents.

Kate & Pop

Gabby & Nan

My parents and I took them to a local farm to visit the animals.

Kate & Gam

Gabby & PawPaw

Of course no visit with PawPaw is complete, without a horsey ride at this stage.

My parents are tech people, so I got this picture one night after the girls were in bed.

While they were here my dad replaced the hard drive in the computer that got smooshed. He also rearranged our antena so that the girls can watch Sesame Street, worked on our leaky toilet, and cleaned up some in our back yard.

The girls are missing their grandparents, and I miss the extra set of hands. It won't be long until my parents are back though--they'll be traveling to help us when the new baby comes! It's hard to believe that's 7-12 weeks away.

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Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

horsey rides are the best! I love that picture of your family all sitting around with their computers. :)