Friday, August 7, 2009

3 Months to Go

I was saving this little jewel from earlier this week for my seven month post:

Kate asked to visit our friends who live in Tennessee. They have three little girls, one is a little older than Kate, one is about a month older than Gabby and they have a new little gal who was born in June. I told her that we really couldn't travel that far right now because the baby is getting too big and is growing quickly.

Always one to add to everything, she pipes up, "You're growing too."

"Yes, Kate I'm growing too."

"You're going to get so big you'll break the car."

Laughter from my darling husband.

"What will we do then?!"

Instead of telling her that I'm not going to get that big, or helping defend me in any way, the man says, "I'll fix it."

We are three months until my due date. The baby is measuring two weeks ahead already, so this little one might not be quite so little. My midwife is estimating a bit over 8 pounds for a delivery weight at this point, of course we have a good way to go before we get there, and much will depend on whether baby is late or on time.

We did discuss how quickly Gabby's birth occurred. She told me if I'm having contractions and my water breaks that I'm to grab the girls and meet her at the hospital. Yikes! She said it wouldn't be the first time.

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