Monday, July 2, 2012

Like Daughter, Like Mother

As if we needed it confirmed after the past week and a daughter and I are both klutzes.  I was slicing up cucumber and contemplating the fact I was dreading teaching the kids how to use knives.  They've had a primer and the girls have done some minor work with a lot of help, but cleaning up an 8" long incision will do that to you--not want to contemplate anything that might hurt their little flesh again.

(As a side note: The post-op instructions stated to cover the site with a band-aid.  Ha!  I've never seen a band-aid like that!  I actually double checked before we left the hospital and the nurse re-read it and said it must be so.  The largest band-aids that Justin found when he went shopping were woefully inadequate, so we ended up with two sterile gauze pads, medical tape, and then two of the band-aids covering the top.  Thank goodness for what used to be a well stocked first aid kit!)

A beep sounded and I left my cucumber to wrap potatoes in foil for baking.  Then I sliced the back of my thumb.  Not with the knife, not with that serrated edge for cutting foil.  Nope, I cut myself with the foil itself.  Not bad enough to do anything except hurt my pride, but it definitely reminds me where I fall in the whole scheme of coordinated people.

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