Thursday, July 19, 2012

Madeline Lapbook

Last week Gabriella and I took our first foray into making a lapbook.  There are absolutely amazing ones out there.  Ours...well it is a first attempt.

The cover has a coloring sheet I printed of a cartoon of Madeline, a tag I created with the title and author, and then a photo of Gabby's favorite piece of architecture from the book (Palais Garnier).

Inside I created a place to match some of the rhyming words that were found in the book.  We also have a page that is dedicated to the number 12--a coloring page of the girls in 2 straight lines, under that flap 12 circles (traced pennies) in two straight lines.  The math problems are 2x6 with the answer below the flap and the same for 'A dozen.'

The back is the map and flag.

Like I said, there are some absolutely fantastic lapbooks out there, and this isn't going to win any awards, but it was a fun way for Gabby to learn and Kate is jealous she didn't get to make one, which generally means that the idea was fun. 

We also ate a meal of French food: quiche, ratatouille, and crepes.

The images:
Madeline coloring sheets
Map of France (Europe) and flag
Palais Garnier (listed as free to share)
The matching sheet was self created using Microsoft

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