Friday, July 6, 2012

The Past Two Weeks...

We have been truly blessed with the people serving Kate through this break.

In the ER, they were quick and worried about her pain.  They even gave her a popsicle.

The woman who owns the gymnastics studio told us about her insurance policy, so we can have some of our expenses, after insurance taken care of.

The hospital let her take her bear back for surgery.  The nurses went to bat to keep her from getting unnecessary medication.

Then yesterday we went in for a post-op visit and the x-ray tech was great with her there too.  She loved Kate's little bear in a hospital gown with a sling.  She decided that Kate should help take an x-ray of the bear.  So we have pictures of the screw in Kate's arm and the beads in the bear.

Here you can clearly see the beads and the screw!

 And here is our lovely girl stretching out her arm--we get to work on range of motion three times a day now.  The white strips next to her are her splints.  There are two of them that we wrap on with an ace bandage to keep her arm protected.

Now to try to follow the doctor's instructions about not letting her fall...I think I need some bubble wrap and some rope!  He told her she could read her Bible and watch TV.


rocketmommy said...

That's so fantastic that everyone has been so amazing everywhere. It's amazing how even the smallest gesture can have such a huge impact. =)

Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

So scary! I can't imagine how you felt when that happened, but I'll keep your sweet Kate in my prayers! Sorry I didn't comment earlier, a week in Maine with no internet left me with over 600 unread blogs. Now to find the time to read them! But, at least Kate got a smile out for the camera, but heart (and arm!) ache for her!