Monday, July 16, 2012

One Week Down

So, when we decided to go ahead with homeschooling last week, I told Justin that I fully expected to be ready to ship at least one of the girls off to public school by the end of the week and that I was glad that we had three weeks to iron out the details before public school started here, so I wouldn't be tempted then.

I can honestly say that I was not tempted, even once, to send any munchkin off to school somewhere else this past week.

Some favorites from this week:

  • The girls studying history and science together
  • Making our first lap book ever (for the book Madeline)
  • Learning to write upside down (me, while scribing Kate's math work for her)
  • The school bell--I'm not sure why, but the three littles get so excited when I ring that bell.
  • Art activities set up for me (Rod and Staff, so I don't have to have my act together!)
  • Both of my book orders came in, so I have all sorts of fun new things and books
  • Gabby's new backpack
  • Ratatouille (French cuisine for the study of Madeline--the kids didn't like it, but Justin and I did)
  • Labeling the house with our Latin vocabulary words and singing the songs
  • Semi-unrelated, Kate is out of her splint most of the time at home now

A mess like that must mean success, right?!


rocketmommy said...

So, Izzy could start preschool this fall. Can I send her to your school?!? ;o)

I also forgot to comment on your post about the accident. YIKES! That's like one of the scariest real life things ever. You did a great job helping out. Way to not just draw the curtains and hide. Hope everyone is okay.

Kristy said...

I don't do preschool, but Izzy can come hang out. I try to get my kiddos to play when they are little--they pick up a little here and there though. :)

rocketmommy said...

I agree. I don't think she's actually going to go to preschool. To be honest, until I moved here (I'm from Alberta, Canada), I'd never even met anyone who attended preschool. I wish we lived closer. I think Izzy would have a blast playing with your kids. =)