Thursday, July 26, 2012


Of course, we've been doing a lot of stretching with Kate--she's gained about 20 degrees of movement since we started physical therapy just over a week ago (and significantly more since she started being unsplinted almost full time almost two weeks ago).  She has 15 degrees to go, but the therapist warns those last 15 are the hardest.

I'm feeling stretched too--we are just so BUSY!

In many ways I'm so glad we started school.  We're getting so much done, but then again, yikes!  We have to make FOUR trips to PT and the doctor's office this week--seriously Monday through Thursday everyday.  You add to that the day to day running of a household: trips to the grocery, bank, post office, and library.  And I haven't even thought about the laundry that needs to be done soon.

Then I took the van for emissions testing Monday, after PT.  The kid running the test seemed lost.  Then he gave me the paper stating we failed the test based on computer codes.  The van that was running fine when I drove it in, but I no longer had use of much of the dashboard or air conditioning and my lights telling me that the doors and tailgate were ajar were lit up when I left.

Thankfully I knew I had gas and I drove home a familiar route, so I was able to get here easily.  When I got home, Justin fixed it all up.  I was concerned it would do it again, so he took it for the test the next day--and it passed, whew.

I also managed to stub 'this little piggy stayed home' so badly this week that I thought it was broken.  It's a lovely shade of purple now, but it is slightly better than it was.

I've been gathering all the required forms for processing Kate's secondary insurance for her arm.  On the upside of that, I did find that they only have a $100 deductible!  Yay!  They may not choose to cover everything, but I am hoping they will.

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