Friday, June 29, 2012

The Bravest Kate

(FYI-Kate named this post and okay-ed all the pictures, since she's getting to an age I don't want her to be embarrassed.)

I am so going to brag on my brave little girl.  She was a little tearful before we left the house, we got up at o'dark early and I let her lay on my bed for a few minutes until it was time to go.  Justin and I were waiting downstairs for a few minutes when we heard a little sob.  She wanted Starbear.  I had intended not to take her because I was afraid she might get lost, but she tagged along anyway.  After a couple of, "I don't wanna goes," that I was echoing in my head too, she dried her tears and we took off.

Kate's arm after 2 days of ice and elevation--that is significantly smaller than when we unwrapped it the first time at the ortho office.

The gal did great with the waiting we did.  She was quiet, which is out of character for her, but I will also grant her that everyone we spoke with asked her for her name, date of birth, and what she was there for.  She got a little sick of answering those questions!  She defaulted to me, which was fine and sometimes just pointed at her arm band.  The nurses let her take Starbear back to the OR with her and even gave Starbear a hospital bracelet, in case they were to get separated.

Kate in pre-op

The anesthesiologist ordered sleepy medicine, despite the fact we told him it hadn't worked on her a week ago.  The nurses observered her in pre-op, and they thought she was handling it all great, so we opted to make it only if needed--and she was so brave she didn't need it.

When they rolled her away, she was waving and smiling.  We were quite thankful that they gave her a gaseous anesthetic before putting in the IV, so she didn't have to be awake for that.  The doctor said he was able to line up the bone just right without a problem and closing was easy despite the swelling.  He also said he was able to stay away from the growth plate.

The next time we saw her was much more difficult.  She looked lost and confused.  She kept crying, so the nurse gave her some morphine.  The tears remained until she had been awake long enough for her to have a popsicle.  Who knew grape popsicles were better than morphine?  She had been a long time without food or drink, so that perked her right up.  She was a bit upset when we had to get her up to go, but I'm sure she was still a little woosey and worried she would hurt herself.

Kate in post-op--she wants everyone to see her purple tongue.

We picked up a bear in a hospital gown at the gift shop.  I called ahead and knew they didn't have slings, so I brought what I needed to make one for the bear while she was in surgery.  Kate says that, "Mama broke the bear's arm."  It gave my hands something to do for a few minutes.  My aunt also stopped by to chat with us and to get some food for us.

She's been comfortable at home.  Her only complaints have been that she needed a sling (the pediatric sling won't fit over the two splints the doctor used to protect her elbow) and the pain medicine tastes awful.  We bought an adult sling today and I modified it (shortened the strap by half) so she can wear it and I took her medicine back to the pharmacy to get it flavored.  She said it tastes better, but still burns her throat.

Here is her new sling, which she though she hated until I shortened the strap.  She also uses the extra space as a purse to carry the bear.  Ha!

I think she's absolutely spectacular too because today she asked if the screw had to come out.  I idn't want to answer, but I also want to be honest, so I told her that it did.  Other than asking when, which we don't know, she's been fine with it.  I would be so mad I had to do all that again.  She is so brave!

She is to the point she can only wear pillow case dresses, since nothing else will fit over the arm.  I have made her two more today with fabric my mother brought her.  We'll meet with the orthopedist again next Thursday for follow-up.  Maybe then we can see if she can wear some more normal clothes!  But I am thankful to whomever came up with these dresses and that it is the right time of year for them.

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rocketmommy said...

The Bravest Kate indeed! Way to go Kate. You handled that better than most grown-ups. Certainly better than me. I would've needed a lot more popsicles. ;o) WAY TO GO KATE!!! =0)